This is the website/blog that I’m currently working to fill-in and complete, intending it to parallel the upcoming third edition of NZ Frenzy South.  The entries listed down the righthand side of this page are now aligned with the 3rd edition of NZ Frenzy South Island, which is on

Hope this helps some with all your NZ adventure decisions.  cheers, scott


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  1. Roy Says:

    My wife and I just got NZ Frenzy South as we prepare to move to Christchurch for a year. I’m sure that we will use it a lot. Will the 2nd edition be available in NZ? If so where?

  2. Tracy Says:

    Hi Scott,
    Just purchased your NZ Frenzy South Island, looks amazing and just what we will need. I am actually a “kiwi” living in Sandy, Oregon….see you live here as well, cool! I am a big MTB, and outdoors person Post Canyon and Bend.
    Anyways, going home in Feb for 3 weeks, camping and all outdoors stuff, this book looks great and very helpful, can’t wait! Love to hear from you if you have any other suggestions and or ideas for us. Cheers!

  3. jillianhancock Says:

    The New Zealand 3 wire bridge is tame in comparison to Scottish 3 wire bridges. I can email a photo if you would like. I do love your book as we didn’t have it when we toured the North Island but went to most of the same places as in the book. We have a copy for the South Island so we don’t miss any of the obscure little gems. Thanks.

  4. Linda Says:

    I bought Scott’s North Island book and traveled with it two years ago. We were so happy that we went to look for some of the obscure wonders he mentioned. We are still talking about the hidden natural hot spring swimming holes we nearly gave up looking for. Just got the South Island book, and can’t wait to explore it with this book over the New Years in a month. Thanks.

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